Friday, January 18, 2013

Chapter 2013, page 18 of 365

I am so very VERY glad that it is Friday!!!  It's been a bit of a rough week and I am SOSOSO tired.
It is also a long weekend since we get Monday off!  Thank you Lord!!!!

With all the issues we are having with Annie and her bathroom habits, can you believe that a co-worker wanted my advice on housebreaking her new puppy!!!!  I had to laugh....really? me?  hahahahah

But the truth is that this is her first ever puppy and she is losing patience with him peeing on everything...including the bed!  Poor thing, how was she to know that a TEN WEEK OLD puppy can't hold it's water for more than about an hour at a time??  I gave her a couple of pointers - take him out every hour or so - she has him in a pretty big crate, so I suggested she partition off the crate so he has a place to pottie away from his bed, and that wee wee pads are ok for now.  Let's see how that works out.

Had two meetings today, not too good for me, I try to sleep as soon as my butt hits the chair  lol

Yesterday was not a good day at work...they laid off one of my co-workers...very sudden as far as the support staff knew, but it seems management knew it was coming, they already had interviews lined up for today!!!!!  I was very upset, the woman they laid off is 70+ years old, and will never be able to find another she is going to have to retire.   I'm not sure I would cry if I could retire, but the  shock of it was awful.  She did nothing wrong, but was just the victim of circumstance.  and it SUCKED!!!!

but on a positive note.....our unit was assured by our supervisor that our jobs are pretty one else can do them!

That means that I am blessed more than one is a good job with good benefits and working with good people....drives me crazy but I enjoy it at the same time.

We are feeling much better, the flu is finally about gone...well, it's been gone, but the after effects are still hanging out...they are lessening, but we still get tired really easy and find that concentrating on anything is hard work.  It will be all better soon....I have faith!!!!!

Well, that's it for this installment of "As the puppy pees" and I want to thank our sponser for their support...

Scott Paper Towels
Bitter Apple
and last but not least
Xanax (just kidding)

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